Line Infantry[edit | edit source]

Steadfast. Well trained with the use of muskets.

Line Infantry have the Abilities: Rank & File, and Bayonet Handling.

Line Infantry have the Traits: Musket Specialization, Rank Discipline, and Orderly.

Rank & FIle: You receive firearm accuracy, reload speed, and melee damage bonuses from orders given by Flag bearers, Musicians and Officers orders.

Bayonet Handling: When equipped, makes your musket a formidable melee weapon, remove to gather a 5% increase in firearm accuracy.

Musket Specialization: Firearm damage increased by 15%, Bayonet damage increased by 5%.

Rank Discipline: Your firearm accuracy is increased by 5% when crouched.

Orderly: Greatly increases your chance of surviving firearm damage when standing in an officers firing line.

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