Leads his men to victory. Commands the rank and file.

Infantry Officers have the Abilities: High Command (Army), and Horseback Riding.

Infantry Officers have the Traits: Distinguishable, Resilient, Sword Specialization, and Pistol Specialization.

High Command: An Officer in command. You are able to issue Orders to the Rank & File.

Horseback Riding: You are able to mount and ride horses.

Distinguishable: You appear as a star on the mini-map.

Resilient: Reduces received melee damage by 15%

Sword Specialization: Your damage when wielding a sword is increased by 5 %.

Pistol Specialization: Your damage when firing a pistol is increased 25% and accuracy by 10%

Commands: Officers are able to enter command mode to create a firing line and issue orders to improve the combat ability of rank and file troops.

  1. Form Line: Places a firing line marker on the ground for Rank and File Troops to receive combat bonuses. Cooldown 10Sec.|Duration 20Min.
  2. Make Ready! : Orders line units to aim and prepare to fire. Cooldown 5Sec.
  3. Fire! : Orders line units to fire and gives a 20% firearm accuracy bonus. Cooldown 4Sec.|Duration 4Sec.
  4. Fire at Will! : Gives line units a 10% firearm accuracy bonus. Cooldown 10Sec.|Duration 20Min.
  5. Cease Fire: Gives line units the order to hold fire. Cooldown 5Sec.
  6. Charge! : Orders line units to bayonet charge, and gives a significant melee damage bonus, and reduces damage by firearms. Cooldown 90Sec.|Duration 20Sec.
  7. Break Rank and Follow: Informs line units you are moving position. Cooldown 10Sec.
  8. Reinforce: Plants a flag creating a spawn point for Rank & File Units. (Line Infantry, Grenadier, and Guard) 4min cooldown.

Note: Infantry Officers are able to mount horses and issue commands from horseback as well as perform melee and ranged combat while mounted. However they are unable to plant reinforcement flags.

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